Quality Policy
   Promotional Attributes
Nova circumspects the marketing spectrum and pursues with an unstinted approach
Our methodical modules are designed and devised to induct and impart training to dealers for sales and services
Our promotional and marketing spectrum has various activities like participating in exhibitions and promotional stimuli for architects and consultants
Our strategies are devised and formulated to reward and motivate our dealers, employees and counterparts.

The strategies are a composite approach to extend support to our dealers’ systemic application and business development to boost sales by participating in events, trade-fairs and exhibitions to promote brands, products and their existence.

We aspire and desire to work together, perform beyond excellence, and exceed all expectations of our clients.

The strategies and modules are devised for all to avail the opportunities to perform and grow.
Participation in the exhibition
Participation in Acrex Shows
Participation in Comfex shows
Participation in Economic Times ACE Tech shows
Dealer Factory Visits to Thailand
HVAC consultant Factory Visits to Japan
Dealer Annual MEQ family visits. (Visits conducted to Hongkong, Thailand, Switzerland, London, Scotland, South Africa, Dubai)