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Smart AMC for Air Conditioners

Smart AMC now available for commercial applications in Mumbai, will gradually roll out to commercial and residential applications across India in 2020. Email us for more information hello@pureblu.in
One and Half minute video that quickly explains Smart AMC

Annual Maintenance Contract for Air Conditioners

Air conditioners require regular maintenance and when they breakdown the cost of fixing the same can be expensive. an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is low cost method to ensure efficiency and durability of your air conditioning systems . While in an AMC its the service companies responsibility to keep the machine in good conditions to ensure there are minimal breakdowns . More the number of breakdowns the service provider would loose money in the AMC . The AMC business is more like an insurance business . Where a small premium is taken and the failure costs are covered over by a large number of air conditioning systems under the service providers maintenance contract . An AMC are of two types Ordinary and Comprehensive .

Ordinary AMC would only cover the cost of regular maintenance and there are no charges for visit whenever there is an problem with the air conditioning system . However every time there is a spare part that needs a replacement there would be a charge and the labor costs around the replacement of that part would be at a discounted price . This AMC is recommended for new machines where the unit is not frequently used ideally in residential applications .

Comprehensive AMC is more like an extended warranty and would cover all the spares as part of the AMC .In most cases the comprehensive AMC will have options to exclude some parts especially if those parts are covered under warranty by the manufacturer . This is applicable when the manufacturer gives 5/10 years warranty on the compressor . The comprehensive AMC also covers workmanship of the installer . So should there be a leak in the system this AMC would also cover the costs in recharging the refrigerant and identifying and fixing the system leak . In some cases where the equipments are installed in highly corrosive environment like sea front , industrial areas the condenser is not included or in most cases the service provider would refuse to take a comprehensive AMC .

In all kinds of AMC plastic parts are never included in the AMC . These include remotes and other parts like grills . So if a remote is broken by dropping it on the floor you would have to pay to get it replaced . In a way it only goes to explain that any part that cannot be maintained by the service provider to avoid breakdowns is not included in the AMC .

Smart AMC – The Future is Here.

An AMC can ensure good maintenance of your airconditioning system and lower energy consumption , however the biggest energy saving is in empowering the user with information that can help him decide how to use the airconditioning system efficiently . Consider a restaurant , the single largest monthly expense is electricity consumption bills . If the restaurant Manager is informed of this hourly energy consumption of the previous day he can take immediate actions . A simple analysis that his energy consumption between 12 noon to 3pm and 3pm to 6pm will get him thinking on the number of tables occupied during these time slots . In most cases the 3pm to 6pm slots have low occupancy and the restaurant could consider keeping the restaurant shut during this time . This could vary depending on the kind of the restaurant like fine dining or fast food , the manager is now empowered to take informed decisions and increase his profitability . Similar analysis can be done for various applications like Hospitals , Hotels , Malls , Commercial offices , Residences . Commercial offices consume energy into late nights when only a few of the staff decide to stay back and work late . With this daily report the admin team can decide if its worth keeping the office open after working hours or insist on the late workers to work from their homes or only a small section of the office is kept open for late working .

Smart AMC with daily updates of energy consumption is being launched by companies like Pureblu . This product is a game changer for the industry where companies only have to take an AMC for their airconditioning systems and also get daily energy consumption of their premises . Aggregators like Pureblu will eventually become national service providers and offer customers one stop airconditioning services for all their locations across India . This is a definitive gamechanger when you have the best service providers across India on the platform who are constantly monitored for their service delivery performance using technology , while the customer has live information on the status of his services and the energy consumption .

IoT enabled energy meter connected to the Pureblu Platform

A Smart AMC is easy to activate . Once you have signed up for an AMC with Pureblu, they will install an IoT (Internet of Things) device in your metering box where the main power input is and the device will transmit live data to the Pureblu platform through your office WiFi or a GSM chip. The platform collates all these data and sends you an email the next day on the pattern of your energy consumption. Smart AMC will ensure efficient dependable air conditioning services and information on a daily basis to decide where and when to save on your electricity bills .

Daily Report that Pureblu emails to user on the energy consumption

IoT devices installed in the premises is collecting data of the energy consumption and the equipment that is using the energy on a regular basis . Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will use all these data and the day is not far when the Pureblu platform would give predictive analysis of failure . Imagine having an AMC for your airconditioning systems where the failure could be reduced by more than half the current averages . It could be a game changer in efficient use of air conditioning systems .

Choosing a good AMC service provider

AMC is like an insurance business , so any provider who has a large amount of machines under its AMC is the most stable provider when it comes to absorbing the costs of breakdowns in the air conditioning systems . Airconditioning is a seasonal business and the service loads go multiple times especially during the summer , the service provider that you choose should have the infrastructure and be organised in his service approach to cater to these demands . Pureblu is a software that most organised service providers use to run their services business . A Smart AMC with Pureblu ensures that you have reliable service providers who manage your airconditioning systems at various locations .

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Preventive Service for your Air-conditioners

Preventive services for air-conditioning equipment primarily mean that you clean the coils of the air-conditioners . The clear benefit for the same is energy efficiency . The power consumption of your air-conditioner goes down when the coils are kept clean . Lets understand how this works. The preventive services are done in various ways based on the specific requirement of the machines .

Dry Service

This preventive service is done on a regular basis to remove the dust from the indoor and outdoor unit . The dry blower is used on the coils which blows the dust out of the coils . This improves the heat exchange and post service reduces the electricitry consumption . However this service does not remove the hard dirt that may continue to remain stuck in the fins of the coil .

Wet Service using a Jacket

The wet service is done when the machines are extremely dirty with hard solidifed dirt , the jacket around the unit ensures that the machines does not have to be removed and the servicing can be carried out without dirtying the space around the machine .This is an ideal way to clean the machines and ensure that the air conditioner remains clean and the energy consumption does not increase .

Brought Down Service

Often the machines are installed in a place where the coils are extremely dirty and cannot be serviced at site . This is when the machines has to be uninstalled transported to a service center and the the coils are seperated from the machine and jet spray is used to clean the coils. post the clean up the units are assembled back again and the machine is reinstalled .

Inefficiency in Preventive Service

There is no way to understand when a machine needs servicing and every company plans a preventive service based on a time duration like once in every quarter . This is inefficient as sometimes the machines needs preventive service more than once a quarter and some of them don’t need service even once in a quarter . This leads to unnecessary opening of machines that do not require servicing and waste of energy because machines that require frequent servicing cannot be done until the scheduled date .

Manufacturers Proposition to Solve this issue

Most manufacturers are building a self cleaning feature which is robotic device in front of the indoor coil , it takes the water from the drain and sprays it back on the indoor unit filter to remove the dirt . However this system fails to remove the hard dirt within the fins of the air-conditioning coils . In India the dusty and humid environment always creates hard dirt on the indoor and outdoor units of air-conditioners and that creates energy inefficiency in air-conditioners .

How to solve this issue in the future

In the future IoT devices in the air-conditioners could sense the rise in electricity consumption and the airflow at the coil . If the airflow is decreasing at the indoor unit and the the energy consumption is increasing rapidly from the manufacturers prescribed rating or the certified BEE energy label, then the device could send out a preventive service signal to a platform like Pureblu that self generates a trouble ticket and allocates a technician to have the preventive service done . This will ensure max energy efficiency and optimum utilisation of the technical manpower , Its not too long before this will become a reality .